Basing Stamps

Our line of base stamps are meant to help you make bases that look professionally sculpted with almost no effort and very little time without spending the money on specialty resin products.  The idea is to smooth some putty on a base then use the stamp to press a pattern or item into the putty leaving behind the desired shape. There are three types of stamps that can be used alone or together to create truly unique bases.

Base Textures  Base texture stamps are the simplest way to add interest to your miniature’s base.  Each 3”X5” stamp has a relief pattern of some type of shaped ground.  Many times these patterns can be tedious to do over and over again when basing an entire unit, much less making sure your first one looks just like the last. If you  are looking to just press and go start with one of these!

Base AccentsBase Accent stamps are for those that want to take their bases to the next level.  Each is a collection of items you might see sitting around on the ground that can be stamped in to putty to reproduce the item you want.  You can use them alone or in conjunction with base textures to make stunningly dynamic bases.

Base Tracks  Base track stamps are very similar to our base accents stamps but they are specifically our line of foot print type stamps.  Unlike our other stamps which are made from Silicon each foot print is a separate from the rest and made of resin to allow for easier printing.