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Base Textures

Base texture stamps are the simplest way to add interest to your miniature’s base.  Each 3”X3” stamp has a relief pattern of some type of shaped ground.  Many times these patterns can be tedious to do over and over again when basing an entire unit, much less making sure your first one looks just like the last. If you  are looking to just press and go start with one of these! Below is an example of how to use one of our stamps. The example uses an older style than we currently produce, but they are used the same.

Mix up your favorite two part sculpting epoxy.  Smooth it across the base you want to stamp.  Firmly press it into your stamp. Trim away any excess that may have squeezed out.  Let the epoxy harden then add your model.

Here is an example of our texture stamps, the texure area is 3"x3". Made of synthetic rubber and about an 1/8" thick, our stamps can easily bend around corners and other objects.


Available Textures

Each sample texture is stamped on a 50mm rounded base.

Flagstonenarrow plankCobblestoneFishscale Flagstone